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                        The Heart Always Longs For What It Can't Have.



Kourtney in Vermont, September 2011

Indian Summers are the BEST!

all photos by Sydney Southam



Robby in Vermont, September 2011

all photos by sydneysoutham


Angels in Ireland

My sister, the lovely Serena Jean, toured Ireland last month with the band Favourite Sons. And while they are a great band, she is also an insanely talented musician in her own right. 

So one balmy evening, she enlisted the help of fellow canadian Sarah Pagé to make musical magic on one of her songs... Angel Song. What with the whole being in Ireland thing, and the running river in the background, and the guest appearance of a little kitty, the whole performance gave me chills. And guess what? You can all experience it too, cuz I made a film about it, innit!

The song is about the light and dark we all have within us and the desire to overcome our demons. It is stunning. You need to hear this.

Oh, and for any Canadians out there, she is embarking on a tour of that great country in just a few short days! Check it out, yo!

This wasn't the only fun that was had in lovely Ireland. Besides tooling around Galway and Dublin, Favourite Sons played Electric Picnic, and my friend Mary and I tagged along. 

Mary was reading Liz Taylor's biography. It was more than a little inspiring.

Ken Griffin of Favourite Sons.

Serena Jean being a cool musician and stuff.

Mary O'Connell is kiiiiind of a big deal.

And she sure loves her some cheesy chips.

This was me and Mary's supply list for Electric Picnic. Please see the second to last item...19-20 year old boys. A definite necessity.

This looks more like a TREE than any other tree I have ever seen.


I heart Flags.

This young man described himself as my "virtual daddy". Um, ok.

Hottest girl at the festival.

Look how many famous dead musicians decided to turn up!!

Mary smokes a cigarette and brushes her teeth at the same. fucking. time.

Matt plays bass in favourite sons. My sister knows some good looking men.

And this is their trumpet player. Like I said. Cute boys.

And look how pretty I am.

Last day of the festival....aaaaw.


Matt and Kamara

Kamara Thomas and Matt Whyte, formerly of Earl Greyhound, in New York 2006. 

all photos sydneysoutham


Hi Molly Reis

This is My Best Friend Molly. 

She is Beautiful.

Molly in Vermont. September 2011.

all photos by sydneysoutham


John in America

photos by sydneysoutham

John, Bushwick. September 2011


Evolution of a Face

All I have done for four days is take photos of My Face.

I shall continue to keep you posted.